iPool API Documentation

iPool is the (i)ntelligent content Pool of Axel Springer SE. Aim of this project is the establishment of a company-wide semantic content pool for a unified, standardized retrieval and distribution of content and publications. One of the key features is the semantic enrichment of content by natural language processing.

Quick Reference

We are using Basic Auth! Without username and secret you are not able to use our API. The API is only accepting JSON.


Some of the publishers provide also categories for each document. This field is only available for the endpoint /api/search.

The list of publishers with the additional information about category: DPA, RTR, BLOOM, AFP, SID, AGT, AP and GLP

To get all articles related to Sport from publisher DPA you can do a basic search: api/search?category="Sport"&publisher="DPA"

Make sure that you always surround each query parameter with quotes


Publishers are providing the content. There are two types of documents that use each their own endpoint:
  • "article": Can be provided by news agencies (DPA, BLOOM, ...) and rss publishers (SPIEGEL, BILD, etc...).
  • "social" Can be provided by social platforms (Twitter and Instagram)

To get a list of all available publishers for articles you can do the following query: https://sandbox-api.ipool.asideas.de/sandbox/api/publishers?types="article"
This includes rss feeds such as www.bild.de but also news agencies such as DPA.

To get a list of all available social media sources you can do the following query: https://sandbox-api.ipool.asideas.de/sandbox/api/publishers?types="social"

To get a list of all available news agencies you can do the following query: https://sandbox-api.ipool.asideas.de/sandbox/api/publishers?sources="fingerpost"

Currently we support nearly 200 publishers. To get a list of all publishers provide a limit of 200, e.g.: https://sandbox-api.ipool.asideas.de/sandbox/api/publishers?limit=200